Helping low-skilled migrant workers benefit more from their employment

For us, low-skilled labour migration is a great opportunity to improve life for poor people. However, the markets for this labour demand attention because of the abuse and exploitation that is so common in them.

The ethics and effectiveness of a system that shifts an extra $10 a month to a Qatari (GDP per capita $96,000) by deceiving an Indonesian (GDP per capita $3,500) seem shaky.

We are currently designing or implementing several initiatives from our Skunk Works that will

  • help potential migrants to make good decisions,
  • support migrants to benefit more from their employment,
  • develop viable competitors to existing migrant employment arrangements and
  • identify for governments the positive changes they can make to legislation and international agreements.

We expect to launch the first two pilots of these initiatives in June and July 2017 with a third in October 2017. These pilots will likely be in IndonesiaAfghanistan and Nigeria.

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