Invitation to Tender – Framework Agreement for the Provision of Digitalisation Services in Jordan

30th March 2022

Farsight Services Limited, known for short as Seefar, hereby invites interested and qualified IT companies to bid for a Framework Agreement for the provision of digitalisation, web and application development, and innovative multi-platform services as outlined by the instructions and procedures in this invitation and related annexes.

Please read the instructions on the tendering procedures carefully as failure to comply may invalidate your tender. Your tender must be submitted electronically  to latest by 6:00pm Paris time on Tuesday 26th April 2022. Tenders submitted after the deadline will not be considered. 

Note: Seefar reserves the right to change or cancel the invitation to tender at any time during the solicitation process. Submitting a bid does not automatically guarantee that an organisation will be considered for receipt of the solicitation.

1. About Seefar 

Seefar is a social enterprise with a mission to work with vulnerable people to build a better future. We specialise in justice, migration and social inclusion. We’re now about 200 people and our expertise is in strategic communications, counselling, consulting, monitoring and evaluation, research, and the use of innovative solutions for social purposes. We work in East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, East Africa, North Africa, the Sahel and Europe.

The enterprise aims to promote the economic and social impact of cross-border issues taking into account local political and security issues. Seefar works with some of the most vulnerable populations whose lives are impacted by migration, human trafficking, displacement, extremism and social exclusion. Our staff have been working on the ground in communities to support more than 100,000 beneficiaries in more than 30 countries. 

We receive funding from a number of European governments including Germany, Austria, Denmark and Norway; from international organisations such as the UN and World Bank; from the European Union; and from foundations and philanthropy to tackle some of the most difficult problems in the developing world.

2. Scope Framework Agreement

Seefar is in the process of opening an office in Jordan and has started implementing its first project there. The project aims to provide inclusive and sustainable pathways to legal stay and basic legal rights for Syrian refugees in Jordan. To do so, our teams will be developing a number of digital tools and solutions to help duty bearers, implementing agencies working with the targeted beneficiaries and Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians themselves.

In the course of programming, Seefar has found that emerging innovative approaches have the potential to support a paradigm shift from reaction to anticipation. Innovative programming, including technologies can enable earlier, faster and potentially more effective humanitarian action and development aid. Innovation, including digital and technological approaches, in humanitarian and assistance is increasingly perceived as an enabler in reducing human suffering during crises and can contribute to tackling a wide range of problems. There is growing consensus that humanitarian and development efforts and resources should be focused on addressing the barriers for scaling technologies to respond to some of the world’s toughest challenges. As part of its 2022-2025 strategy, Seefar is now focused on bringing innovative approaches, digital transformation and technology to some of the most pressing global development challenges. To do so, Seefar seeks to partner with IT companies that provide specific digital services (turning paper processes into digital platforms, prototyping and testing new ideas, developing online applications for government services, custom software development – COTS, software enhancement projects or new builds, mobile application development, etc.).

The Initial scoping discussions with stakeholders for the first project in Jordan suggest the following as the start of a development roadmap (this is indicative and subject to change following further stakeholder consultations):

  1. Appointment booking system to manage service supply for a Jordanian government department;
  2. Re-develop processes for managing registrations / applications for legal documentations, including to prioritise issues and to flag urgent applications;
  3. Re-develop information and online filing through the department’s website;
  4. Develop and deliver training modules to app users, including a ToT module, system guidelines and how-to documentation;
  5. Develop integration plans and support the department in determining resources to be secured and practical steps to be taken for national scale-out

3. Scope of Services

Seefar looks to find partners willing to design and implement innovation and digital solutions which can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian assistance when scaled. In response to a growing demand for technological innovation for humanitarian aid and development assistance by different donors, Seefar seeks to create a framework in order to partner with innovation and digitalisation specialists who use agile methodologies. 

Seefar is specifically seeking partners capable of providing the following services:

  • Roadmap development
  • Web design and development
  • Mobile app development
  • Social media marketing
  • Business analysis
  • Product design sprints
  • Upstream and downstream integration
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Joint application design (JAD)
  • Participative UI and UX development
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Maintenance and support
  • Training and development of integration plans

Previous experience in the Middle East is mandatory and presence in Jordan is an asset.

4. Delivering service provisions under this agreement

The partner selected for the Framework Agreement will be requested to deliver one or more of the services listed under section 3. Activities may vary over the duration of this agreement and details will be provided in each single request for services.

The selected partner is required to provide a financial proposal (‘service provision offer’) within two weeks upon receipt of a request for services, in line with the level of effort and pricing references submitted in the proposal accepted and included in the agreement.

Seefar will have two weeks to evaluate the offer received and – if accepted – prepare a separate contract (‘work order contract’) for the specific collaboration to be jointly signed with the partner.

Work order contracts are awarded in accordance with the terms agreed in the Framework Agreement contract. The latter represents the overarching reference and shall prevail in the case of conflict with articles included in the work order contracts. 

5. Duration of the agreement

This framework agreement is foreseen for a duration of 3 years, starting on 1st May 2022 and ending on 1st May 2025. All single service provisions will be delivered within this timeline, solely by the selected partner of each framework request. 

6. Proposal submission 

6.1 Required documentation

Each tender submission must include:

  1. Organisation Profile (see Annex I) 
  2. A Technical Offer providing the following information:
  • Geographical reach demonstrating capacities to complete work in the Middle East (experience and presence in Jordan is an asset). 
  • Thematic expertise and proven track record with regards to:
    • Digital transformation and innovation;
    • Design and implementation of digital transformation and innovation solutions;
    • Scaling up the development of digital tools for greater efficiency and impact;
    • IT services;
    • Methodologies for measuring innovation.
  • Cross-cutting capacities on:
    • Agile methodologies;
    • Working with national governments;
    • Working with multicultural teams and partners.
  • Project Management capabilities including:
    • Procedures & Supervisory Systems;
    • Supply Chain Management;
    • Code of Conduct;
    • Risk Management.
  1. A Financial Offer providing the following information:
  • Pricing reference for deployable personnel categories;
  • Balance sheets for the last three years.

Additional documents submitted will not be considered. 

6.2 Deadline for questions

All questions in relation to this invitation to tender must be submitted in written form to hara.c@seefar.orgDeadline for submitting questions is Tuesday, 12th of April 2022.

6.3 Deadline submission

Tenders must be submitted by 6:00pm Paris time on Tuesday 26th of April 2022. Tenders submitted after the deadline will not be considered. 

Tenders must be submitted electronically to 

7. Proposal evaluation

7.1 Evaluation criteria

The Organisational Profile will serve to determine if an applicant is eligible as per exclusion criteria listed in Annex I.

The Technical Offer will represent 80% of the overall score; the weight of the Financial Offer represents 20%. 

For the Technical Offer, evaluation criteria correspond to the requested information outlined under 6.1 and will be weighted as indicated in the table below. 

Criteria: Geographical reach

  • Sub-criteria: Presence and registration in the Middle East. Weight: 10%

Criteria: Thematic expertise and proven track record

  • Sub-criteria: Digital transformation and innovation. Weight: 10%
  • Sub-criteria: Design and implementation of digital transformation and innovation solutions. Weight: 15%
  • Sub-criteria: Scaling up the development of digital tools for greater efficiency and impact. Weight: 10%
  • Sub-criteria: IT services. Weight: 10%
  • Sub-criteria: Methodologies for measuring innovation. Weight: 10%

Criteria: Cross-cutting capacities. Weight: 5%

  • Sub-criteria: Agile methodologies. 
  • Sub-criteria: Working with national governments.
  • Sub-criteria: Working with multicultural teams and partners.

Criteria: Cost (Financial Offer)

  • Sub-criteria: Value for money. Weight: 20%

Criteria: Project management capacities. Weight: 10%

  • Sub-criteria: Procedures & Supervisory Systems
  • Sub-criteria: Supply Chain Management
  • Sub-criteria: Code of Conduct
  • Sub-criteria: Risk Management

6.2 Award Decision

The Evaluation Committee will review applications by Tuesday 26th of April 2022, and communicate results in the week after. If the planned timeline changes, applicants will be informed accordingly. 

Annex I – Organisation Profile

Organisation Information
Name of applying organisation 
Telephone number 
Email address 
Name(s) of director(s) 
Name and email address of contact person 
Country in which the applicant/lead party has its registered office. 

Potential exclusion criteria

Please confirm that following situations do not apply to your organisation:

  1. bankrupt, subject to insolvency or winding-up procedures; (Yes/No)
  2. in breach of its obligations relating to the payment of taxes or social security contributions in accordance with the applicable law; (Yes/No)
  3. guilty of professional misconduct by having violated applicable laws or regulations or ethical standards, including wrongful intent or gross negligence such as: (Yes/No)
    • fraudulently or negligently misrepresenting information required for the verification of the absence of grounds for exclusion or the fulfilment of selection criteria or in the performance of a contract; (Yes/No)
    • entering into an agreement with other actors with the aim of distorting competition; (Yes/No)
    • violating intellectual property rights; (Yes/No)
    • attempting to influence the decision-making process of the contracting authority during the procurement procedure; (Yes/No)
    • attempting to obtain confidential information that may confer upon it undue advantages in the procurement procedure; (Yes/No)
  4. it has been established by a final judgment that the actor is guilty of fraud, corruption, money laundering, terrorist-related offences or offences linked to terrorist activities and financing, or child labour or other forms of trafficking in human beings. (Yes/No)

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