Request for proposals – develop an Android mobile app for teachers

Seefar has a network of teachers in countries such as Mali, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Indonesia. We support them to improve their knowledge and skills. In 2021, we will adapt some of our content for delivery as modules in a mobile application (“the app”).

Version 1 of the app will be a one-way content delivery platform. We will provide the content, which will consist of videos, images and text.

Version 2 of the app will involve interactive elements.

This RFP only covers Version 1. If the provider of Version 1 delivers effectively, we may at our discretion request from that provider a proposal for Version 2.

To be eligible for consideration, you must:

  1. Be able to deliver your own quality assurance processes, including bug identification and fixing before delivery to Seefar.
  2. Have high quality graphic design capabilities relevant to mobile applications.
  3. Demonstrate gross revenue exceeding EUR 40,000 in your last two financial years.

Full specifications and guidance on submiting a proposal is available here:

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