Request for Proposals: Version 1 and 2 of MarJar – a web application for data collection and management

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS:​ All proposals must be submitted by 15 June, 23:59 GMT. 


Seefar is a social enterprise with a mission to work with vulnerable people to build a better future. We specialise in justice, migration and social inclusion. Our expertise is in strategic communications, counselling, consulting, monitoring and evaluation, and research. We work in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

So far, Seefar has collected more than 200 datasets that comprise data collected from research studies and monitoring and evaluation of Seefar’s programmes. Seefar seeks the services of a firm to develop a web application to fulfil its data collection, data management and reporting needs.

Scope of the work

The purpose of the web application called MarJar will be to store and organise all of the data in one centralised relational database and build functionalities that allow the users to explore and export the data with no code. 

You will closely work with relevant project staff to understand the technical requirements, existing datasets, workflow, end-users, access levels, and available technology infrastructure to manage the online database and related operations. Seefar will provide a first draft of the Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) and work closely with the consultant who will finalise the model. 

Within the scope of the assignment, you will be responsible for the development, testing, and implementation of the following integrated modules with different types of features. The application development is split into two versions, including the below modules. Version 2 should only be developed after Version 1 is successfully launched.

Version 1:

  1. User Module: This module allows the establishment of priorities and hierarchies for user authorisation and access.
  2. Import and Data Module: This module will establish the database and allow importing and updating collected data and all other existing entities. 
  3. Dataset and Information Module: This module allows for querying the database and generating new views of the data, including downloading those views. 
  4. Dashboard Module: This module allows users to navigate the main dashboards, including tables that summarise aggregated data for informed decision-making and reporting.

Version 2:

  1. Instrument Module: This module allows users to generate, edit, and share instruments.
  2. Data Quality Module: This module allows data quality controls such as validation checks and duplication prevention and informs users of the database on day-to-day operations and ongoing data submission.

The consultant firm will:

  • Review existing data, and data instruments and consult the project team to understand the conceptual model;
  • Create a development plan and timeline for each milestone and regularly communicate progress;
  • Review the conceptual model, ERD and relational tables to ensure appropriate referencing and dependency checks to finalise the model and diagram;
  • Develop each module described above; 
  • Develop security and backup features to safeguard the system from unauthorised access; intrusion, and other cyber vulnerabilities;
  • Test, deploy, and launch the final application;
  • Ascertain and describe relevant business rules relating to the use of the application;
  • Adapt our high-level branding guide into the app UI;
  • Prepare technical documentation and end-user guide including business rules and an English user manual that describes how to operate the different modules;
  • Train project personnel on how to use the web application;
  • Provide documentation so that a reasonably skilled IT professional can understand, manage and develop the application further
  • Provide post-implementation roll-out support and be available for questions, answers and troubleshooting for 60 days after launch;
  • Support to test the system on a server maintained by Seefar.

Seefar will be responsible for:

  • providing the contractor with a draft ERD;
  • preparing, mapping and cleaning existing data for upload following requirements specified by you;
  • participating in technical meetings;
  • leading the review of deliverables and related quality assurance;
  • ensuring that all modules are developed as per the requirement;
  • formally approving the deliverable and informing the relevant department for payment release;
  • manage the system once it’s up and running;
  • maintaining a server for the application.


To be eligible for consideration, you must: 

  • Be able to deliver your quality assurance processes, including bug identification and fixing, before delivery to Seefar;
  • Have high-quality web application design capabilities;
  • Have previous experience with uploading a large number of CSV/TXT/XLS files into a relational database;
  • Demonstrate gross revenue exceeding EUR 40,000 in each of your last two financial years.


The following are indicative dates to help you prepare:

1 JuneLast day to submit questions
3 JuneClose of proposal submissions
25 JuneLast day to respond to clarifying questions on your proposal (if any)
2 JulyNotification to the preferred consultants for interview selection
16 JulyExpected contract signature

The contractual period for Version 1 should not be longer than five months, beginning on the date of contract execution.


Seefar will evaluate responses on value for money as follows:

Criteria DescriptionWeighting
Gross revenue exceeding EUR 40,000 in your last two financial yearsPass/Fail
Evidence of effective internal quality assurance processes10%
Relevance and quality of reference products 15%
Profile/Relevant experience & skills of relevant personnel10%
Quality of analysis in the proposal25%
Speed of delivery20%

How to Submit

You must submit your proposal using this form.

You will need to prepare these documents before using the form:

  1. A proposal following the template is available here:
  2. Your last two years of financial statements that show gross revenues of more than EUR 40,000 each year. Your Income Statements or P&L reports are sufficient.
  3. As a separate document, a budget in EUR. Please prepare two separate budgets for Version 1 and Version 2.


A standard Services Agreement will be executed between Seefar and the selected supplier. Prices and payments will be in EUR.

Seefar reserves the right to award any proposals, reject any proposals in whole or in part and waive any informality or technical defects if, in Seefar’s sole judgment, the best interests of Seefar will be served.

Seefar assumes no responsibility or liability for costs incurred by suppliers in preparing a response to this RFP. Seefar will have all existing and future intellectual property rights (including, without limitation, patents, copyright and related rights) and inventions arising in connection with the provision of the Services for use by the Enterprise.


Questions on this RFP can be emailed to with the subject line “MarJar proposal question”. We will attempt to answer within two business days.

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