Several Seefar behaviour change campaigns show success

Seefar has implemented several migrant behaviour change campaigns with much success. These programs have been or are currently being implemented in Turkey, Serbia, Afghanistan, and Mali.


In Mali, from February to December 2020, Seefar raised awareness of the dangers of irregular migration among potential migrants. This was to protect them from harm and exploitation and was part of the Migrant Project, a global flagship migration communications campaign. Utilizing educational outreach to spread key messages, Seefar was able to reach 15,000 students across Bamako, who might have been considering irregular migration after graduating.

Seefar also found that online and media engagement was highly effective in reaching potential migrants, with over 70 percent of people in northern Mali hearing radio broadcasts and high post engagements on the campaign’s Facebook page.


In Afghanistan, Seefar encouraged more than half of potential migrants to make safer and more informed migration decisions, helping to avoid potentially deadly encounters on their journey elsewhere.

The campaign, which also ran from February to December 2020, was a part of the Migrant Project. This project disseminates key messages on the risks of irregular migration through online media outreach, as well as educational components. Both local radio shows and social media outreach were highly effective in raising awareness for hard-to-reach populations in Afghanistan.

Turkey and Serbia

Seefar’s On the Move campaign, which ran from April to December 2020, successfully resulted in over one-third of transit migrants making safer and more informed decisions via consultations, social media outreach, and lead generation advertising. Over 3,400 migrants called the remote hotline service after seeing social media advertisements, after which, 34 percent said that they were going to abandon or delay their irregular migration plans.

Around 10 percent of transit migrants, also targeted in the campaign, said they were considering returning to their countries of origin through return schemes after contacting the On the Move campaign.

By pushing out strong migrant behaviour change campaigns, Seefar has shown that they can be highly influential in supporting and encouraging safer and more informed migration decisions.

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