Survey Cost Calculator: a new tool to expand research horizons

Field research is not easy or cheap – especially in tough environments. Establishing a realistic
estimate of survey costs is an essential first step towards an ambitious, winning research proposal and effective project planning.

For researchers who specialise in issues endemic to sensitive and sometimes dangerous contexts, it can be easy to dismiss data collection in the field as too expensive. Reluctance to conduct empirical research on the ground in Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa and elsewhere has seen a dearth of data on tricky issues.

A new tool from the developers at Seefar allows you to quickly calculate the costs of gathering data, allowing you to quickly test the viability of new research ventures.

How does it work? Users estimate the unit costs of hiring an enumerator, the time expected to
conduct a survey, and the scope of the research. The calculator then gives a ballpark figure of what the research will likely cost. The tool even adjusts for the time it takes to track down a respondent, and the probabilities that a proportion of interviews will have to be abandoned.

Good survey design, however, is a challenge in and of itself that reaches beyond this particular tool. Get in touch to start the conversation on how best to implement projects in tough environments.

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